Affordable Professional

Designed by Coaches for Coaches

No Clunky Base Station Needed

900 Mhz Clear Frequencies

No Wi-Fi Interferance

Unlimited Coaches

6 Channel Operation allows different talk paths. As and example, for your Offense, Defense, O-Line and D-Line

Digital Display shows the name of the belt pack and channel that  you are currently on

500mw of Power.  Nobody has more!

Light Weight but rugged using poly fiber state of the art material.

Range up to 1/2 Mile.

Coach to Coach and Coach to Player all in one simple to use belt pack

X12MR Mini Helmet Receiver

X12-MR mini helmet receiver allows you to communicate directly from the coach to the player using the same belt pack. Although not permitted in some states for game use, use it in practice, 7 on 7's or highlight a player during two-a-days making him the focus player during practice. This will allow his position coach to coach him on the fly.  Get the most out of your headset system by not only using it in games but in practice as well.



The only football system designed by coaches for coaches. The X12 delivers high quality performance needed for game day situations.  Our noise cancelling technology is so advanced you have to hear it to believe it. The X12 brings tomorrow's technology today.  So good, it has been patented as the only headset that allows Coach To Coach and Coach to Player communications all in one simple to use Coach friendly belt pack.

Easy to Use and Coach Friendly

Full Featured, State of the Art Coaching Headset System.  No Base Station, 900Mhz      6 Channels means high performance.

Customizable Top Mounted Easy to Read Digital displays the username of belt pack, the channel currently on and other information such as battery life.  We can customize it!

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