Youth League Entry Level System

Please see disclaimer below​

The Titan is the same sold by other companies but for a much lower price. The Titan is a great option for youth league teams or for those schools looking for an economical entry level headset system. It provides a maximum of two channels and can support two groups of 5 users limiting the total headsets to 9 and unlimited receive. The Titan is limited to 100mw of output power for use in smaller stadium.

If you are on a tight budget and looking for an entry level system or a youth league team, the Titan could be the perfect fit for your headset needs.

  • Up to 9 users in Full Duplex

  • Maximum output is only 100mw at best

  • OK for smaller stadiums

  • Great for Youth League Teams or smaller high schools

  • 10 hour battery life

  • 40 Channels available

  • Small & Lightweight

  • Primary intent is not meant for high school football


​$495.00 Per Belt Pack

Looks like, Feels like, Performs like other identical systems sold by other guys but at a much higher price.



This product is provided by many other communication companies but under a different trade name. These products are also available at (click the link) Amazon, Walmart, Sears and many other retailers on the internet. They are manufactured by Fluent Audio but may have a different sticker on the face. This product is limited to only 100mw of output power, can be subjected to substantial outside interference, water intrusion and its primary use was not intended as a football product. There are no warranties of interference, performance or interception of signals by other users using the same type product carrying a different name. These headsets are primarily used for stage product and choirs. For football, we strongly recommend this product being used for youth football teams or entry level football programs only.

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The Other Guys

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​$650.00 Per Belt Pack