X12 Belt Pack


The only football system designed by coaches for coaches. The X12 delivers high quality performance needed for game day situations.  Our noise cancelling technology is so advanced you have to hear it to believe it. The X12 brings tomorrow's technology to today.  So good, it is the only headset that allows Coach To Coach and Coach to Player communications all in one simple to use Coach friendly belt pack.

  • No Clunky Base Station needed

  • 900 Mhz Clear Frequencies

  • No Push To Talk (All Open Mic)

  • 6 Channels Operation

  • 500mW Output

Used to talk directly to the helmet receiver


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The X12MR mini practice helmet receiver is more than just a simple receiver. In the illustration, the coaches on the sideline can hear the play being called (indicated by the white band). Once the play is heard, the position coach simply presses the helmet button on the belt pack to coach their position player. The players only hear their position coach.

Coach to Coach & Coach to Player

functionality in one simple to use device

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