• 900 Mhz Clear Frequencies.  No game day interference with Wi-Fi, IPads or wireless score boards. No outside antenna needed for press boxes with lead tinted windows.

  • No Base Station Required

  • Full Duplex Hands Free

  • 2 Channel Operation for Offense and Defense.

  • Top mounted Digital Display shows the channel you are currently on.

  • Flip to Mute Microphone.

  • Battery Life 18 Hours Continuous.

  • Light Weight but rugged using poly fiber state of the art material.

  • Range up to 1/4 Mile.

  • Full Expandable to our X12 at any time.

ProCom LE  Football Coaching Headset System

The LE is identical to our X12 but doesn't offer some of the features that you may not require. By eliminating these features, we are able to reduce the price of the X12 and call it the LE. The only football headset system designed by coaches for coaches. The LE delivers high quality audio needed for game day situations.  Our noise cancelling technology is so good you have to hear it to believe it. The LE brings tomorrow's technology today.  

Expandable to the X12 at any time!

Digital Display will display the channel you are on...example (Offense or Defense)


Full Featured,  State or the Art Coaching  Belt Pack.  No Base Station, 2 channel, 900 Mhz high performance belt pack.