April 09, 2018

ProCom used on Carnival Cruise Lines

Beginning June 1st, ProCom will be used on 6 Carnival Cruise Line ships.  "We have used headsets for years during onboard events. The superior design, functionality and clarity is far better than what we have used in the past and at a fraction of the cost." Kyle Edmonds, Trip Planning Supervisor 

February 05, 2018

ProCom meets requirement for high school and small college Coach to Player system.

It was announced on Friday, January 19th that ProCom's headsets meet the standard for high schools and small colleges who are permitting the use of receivers in helmets of players. It was decided that one player on offense and one player on defense is permitted to have ProCom's  X12M mini-receiverinstalled in helmets. The X12M is small in design and fits most helmets manufactured today. 

January 18, 2018

ProCom to install Microwave Backhaul System

ProCom in cooperation with other business entities develops a low cost solution to provide data, voice and video transmissions over the license free 5 Gig spectrum. The build out will begin in smaller communities that lack the physical resources to install cable or fiber into residents and businesses in those areas.

January 21, 2019

Brazilian soccer teams buy ProCom

The Brazilian Chambers and Rapids are the first two teams to purchase ProCom wireless headset system. They are the first two teams in Brazil to begin using wireless communications from their coaches tower to the coaches on the field. “We have tried many different sets but after trying the ProCom headset we knew it was the one", said head coach of the Chambers Lupe Garcia”.  Other teams are expected to follow by purchasing ProCom for the 2018 season.

January 19, 2018

NPSO officials to use ProCom's X12 for 2018 Playoffs

The National Professional Soccer officials choose ProCom's X12 for use during the fall of 2018 soccer season. Mike Pesotori, Director of Officials said that the NPSO will use ProCom's X12 headsets during the playoffs in 2018. ProCom will provide the X12 belt pack along with a customized ear/throat headset for non-obstructive use.

January 12, 2018

ProCom begins to provide complete headset systems

News Alert! ProCom will begin providing complete headsets systems to schools throughout the country.  ProCom's unique design and features of a headset system that incorporates Coach to Coach and Coach to Player communication all in one has been the approved system by high schools throughout the country.

January 10, 2018

2018 AFCA concludes with a great turnout. ​

Charlotte, NC provided a great venue for the 2018 AFCA Coaches Convention. The turnout was greater than expected.

November 14, 2017

Conferences adopt ProCom Headsets for Coach to Player

News Alert! Conferences throughout the country beginning to opt in to allow Coach to Player communications like the Pros do.  At the recent AFCA convention in Charlotte, NC, several members of various states met to discuss the use ProCom's X12 Coach to Player wireless headset system.

November 02, 2017

ProCom Headsets meets Coach to Player Requirements

11/2/17 - ProCom's technology meets requirements for Coach to Player communication. ProCom's X12 all inclusive headset system with Coach To Player interface passes requirements for use in many states.  More to be announced.

October 30, 2018

ProCom launches new website

ProCom is happy to announce their new website to better showcase their product line. The website will be continually update with new products and pricing special. 

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