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Crystal Salt

ATLAS PRO Industrial Headset System

The Most Reliable and Most Durable Headset Available

Most Power.png

1,000mW of Output Power

The Atlas Pro has the most power in comparison to the average 200mW

Easy Set-Up.png

Easiest Set-Up

Just turn on & go

Superior Battery Life.png

Up to 13-15 Hours of Battery Life

Made to last during the longest work days

Crystal Clear Audio.png

Crystal Clear Audio

Our Atlas Pro system provides the clearest high-fidelity audio

No Base Station.png

No Base Station to Hassle With

No antennas, base stations or cables to run

Two-Way Compatibility.png

Two-Way Radio Compatible

Easily integrate our headsets into your current system

Superior Noise Cancellation.png

Superior Noise Cancellation

-25dB noise cancellation

Military Grade Encryption.png

Military Grade Encryption

Our encryption offers the highest privacy, guaranteed that nobody will hear you

Rugged & Durable Design.png

Extremely Rugged & Durable

Built to withstand the toughest environments

Weather Resistant.png

Weather Resistant

Communicate with confidence in harsh environments without disruption

No Head & Neck Fatigue.png

Lowest Head & Neck Fatigue

Our lightweight design ensures you can comfortably wear your headset all day long 

Enhanced Safety.png

Enhanced Safety

Safely communicate with all members of your crew when it matters

Increased Productivity.png

Increased Productivity

Notify everyone of changes & decisions on the fly without halting production

Clip On Hard Hat.JPG
Double Muff for Hard Hat.JPG
Single Muff No Hard Had.JPG
Double Muff No Hard Hat.JPG
Atlas Pro Button Outline.JPG
Atlas 8 Port Charger.JPG

ProCom's X12 platform is the trusted two-way communication system for companies in many industries all over the world. Features like top-of-the-line noise cancellation software and hardware, military-grade encryption, industry-specific programming and virtually zero set-up make the X12 the premiere choice for practically any scenario. With ProCom, you're not getting walkie-talkies -- you're getting the pinnacle of two-way radio technology with the features, the functionality and the support your company deserves.


Other Headset & Hardware Options

Atlas Air Neckband type.png

Heavy Duty

Hard Hat Design

loudmouth main splash 1.png


Two-Way Comm System

Discreet with mannequin head copy.png

Discrete Mic

In-Ear Earpiece

Mini Helmet Receiver with updated sticker.png


Individual Mini Receiver

Heavy Duty Headset Removable Hard Hat.png

Heavy Duty

Headset with
Belt Pack

ProCom Headsets

A Subsidiary of Westcom Wireless

2773 Leechburg Road

Lower Burrell, PA 15068


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