ProCom's X12MR Helmet Receiver

A true helmet receiver, not a walkie talkie you Velcro to an arm

With the addition of the X12MR mini helmet receiver you can use your game day headsets as an everyday practice tool. Our X12MR mini receiver fits nicely in any helmet and allows a position coach to talk directly to his position player(s). Coach your players pre-snap, during the play and post-snap. Getting the most out of your headset system now gets the most out of your players as well.


Our player receiver is a true helmet receiver, just like the Pro's used.  It isn't a walkie talkie you strap to your arm. Think about it, if you are at a 7 on 7 and the corner is in press coverage, and the receiver has a walkie talkie strapped to him, the corner will hear everything as well as the receiver.  Don't be fooled by a CopyCat company's walkie talkies.

The X12MR mini practice helmet receiver is more than just a simple receiver. In the illustration below, the coaches on the sideline can hear the play being called (indicated by the white band). Once the play is heard, the position coach simply presses the helmet button on the belt pack to coach their position player. The players only hear their position coach.

Mini Helmet Receiver 1.4" W  x  3/8"H

Ideal for:

  • Spring Practice

  • Summer 7 on 7's

  • Camp Installs

  • And soon Game Day Communications


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