Georgia High School Football Programs

Making the Switch to ProCom.

ProCom works each and every time where the other systems have failed.

X12 Traditional Belt Pack
X12 All-In-One
(No Belt Pack Required)
Mini Player Receiver
  • No Base Station

  • Belt Packs or All-In-One (Mix and Match)

  • The Most Power (Guaranteed to work in any stadium)

  • The Most Durable

  • Multiple Channels (Talk Groups)

  • All Coaches can switch to any channel

  • Flip to Mute Headset Technology

  • Customized Digital Display

  • Voice Channel Announce

  • No better system on the market

If you aren't using ProCom, you aren't using the best

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See what Georgia

coaches say about ProCom

Camden Co unty.jpg

Bob Sphire - Head Coach

Camden County

"Last year we used ProCom and it is by far the best system I have used in over 40 years of coaching. No issues in big stadiums. Never lost communication in one play the entire season."

Calhoun HS.jpg

Clay Stephenson Head Coach

Calhoun High School

"We switched mid year to ProCom after having problems with another system we used. The first week we got them, it was so easy to setup and the communication was better than any other headset system I have used. Saved us a lot of time but most of all it was reliable."


Rocky Hidalgo Head Coach

Glynn Academy High School

"ProCom solved a lot of problems that other guys gave us on Friday nights. Had no problems at all and very satisfied with the quality. My experience has been exceptional."

Central Gwinnett.jpg

Jason Thompson Head Coach

Central Gwinnett High School

"Been using ProCom for the last two seasons. simply freaking awesome. Never failed us once."



Baker Woodward Head Coach

Savannah Christian Prep High School

"It worked great last year for us.  When we first got it I had one of my coaches take the headset to Chatham Parkway (a highway by the school) while I stood in the gym which is about 300 yards away and it it was still clear. I love how you can charge the headsets with a USB cable just like your cell phone. It makes it so much more convenient. We have not had any problems with ProCom. In my 19 year career of coaching, we rarely get through a season without something going wrong with our headsets. Last year we had zero problems."

central Gwinett.gif


Jason Thompson Head Coach

Central Gwinnett High School

Cherokee County.png

Joshua Shaw Head Coach

Cherokee County High School


Gary Varner Head Coach

Allatoona High School

Robert Tooms Christian.png

Jacob Lord Head Coach

Robert Toombs Christian Academy

Social Circle.png

Rob Patton Head Coach

Social Circle High School

Jackson High School.png

Dary Myricks Head Coach

Jackson High School

Laney High School.gif

Rashad Dunn Head Coach

Laney High School

Cherokee Bluff HS.png

Tommy Jones Head Coach

Cherokee Bluff High School


John Poitevint Head Coach

Mountain View High School


Shaun Pope Head Coach

Putham County High School

Mery Persons.JPG

Brian Nelson Head Coach

Mary Persons High School

Gordon State.jpg

Brandon Carter Head Coach

Gordon State College, GA


Eric Godfree - Head Coach

Parkview High School

"I've been coaching for 21 years and ProCom has clearly been the best headset I've ever used.  From the ease of set up to the clarity and no disruptions during the games.  It's one less thing for me to worry about on gameday"


Tanner Glisson Head Coach

Troup High School

"Nothing like being able to hear each call during the game regardless of the size of the venue. Very reliable and the best headsets system I have ever used"

East Coweta.jpg

John Small Head Coach

East Coweta High School

"I don't even know where to begin. It is the best system I have used in over 20 years. The setup is unreal. Service is second to none, but the clarity and reliability is unmatched. There is nothing better.

Whitefield Academy.jpg

Coleman Joiner Head Coach

Whitefield Academy High School

"Switching over to ProCom this off-season has been one of the best decisions we’ve ever made. They are the highest quality product out there, so you feel like you’re using a college-grade system. We have used them every day at practice so far, and it has been unbelievable how much our communication with coaches, players, and signalers has improved! I have no doubt these will be a game-changer come Friday nights!"


Trevor Williams Head Coach

Creekview High School

"ProCom has taken the worry out of gameday communication.  It's a great product at a great price.  The sound quality is unmatched. "


Doyle Kelley Former Head Coach

Cedartown High School

"ProCom was the best investment I ever made during my coaching career. Communication was crystal clear. Being able to talk each and every time without interference was a fantastic experience."


Josh Lovelady Head Coach

Mill Creek High School

"ProCom has  been a huge asset to Mill Creek football. The quality and consistency week in and week out is a huge stress relief to our staff.  ProCom is the best I have used in my 25 years of coaching"


Brad Smith Head Coach

Loganville High School

"We had the opprotunity to switch to ProCom from Coach Comm during  my time at Calhoun. The ProCom were exactly as advertised, plug and play. You don't have to worry about setting anything up. By far and away the most user friendly headsets I've ever used and they work every time."


Craig Bennett Head Coach

Cambridge High School

Clinch County.png


Don Tison Head Coach

Clinch County High School

North Forsyth.png


Robert Craft Head Coach

North Forsyth High School



Michael Depa Head Coach

Chattahoochee High School

eagles Landing.jpg

Jonathan Gess Head Coach

Eagles Landing Christian

Savannah High School Blue Jackets.jpg


Michael Moore Head Coach

Savannah High School

St Pius X.gif


Paul Standard Head Coach

Saint Pius X High School

Chattaoochie County.jpg

Jimmie Allen Head Coach

Chattahoochee County High School

Whitefield academy.jpg

Coleman Joiner Head Coach

Whitefield Academy

Providence Christian.gif


Jonathan Beverly Head Coach

Providence Christian

Windsor Forest.jpg

Jeb Stewart Head Coach

Windsor Forest High School


Chris Prewett Head Coach

Roswell High School

First Presbyterian Day.jpg

Ken Garvin Head Coach

First Presbyterian Day School

White Cloud.jpg

Tim Cokley Head Coach

White County High School

Adairsville HS.jpg

Eric Bishop Head Coach

Adairsville High School

North Oconee High School.jpg

Tyler Aurandt Head Coach

North Oconee High School


Conor Foster Head Coach

Cartersville High School


Richard Morgan Head Coach

Marietta High School


Terry Crowder Head Coach

King's Ridge High School


Krofton Montgomery Head Coach

West Hall High School


Damien Postell Head Coach

Grovetown High School

booker T.JPG

Derrick Avery Head Coach

Booker T Washington High School

Maynard Jackson.JPG

Eric Williams Head Coach

Maynard Jackson High School


Bobby May Head Coach

Westlake High School

Toombs County.gif

Richie Marsh Head Coach

Toombs County High School


Josh Robinson Head Coach

Northwest Whitfield High School

Bowden High School.jpg

Rich Fendley Head Coach

Bowden High School

The Heritage School.gif

Jake Copeland Head Coach

The Heritage School


Bryant Appling Head Coach

Buford High School


Zach Morrison Head Coach

Shorter University


Daniel Williams Head Coach

Langston Hughes High School


Tyler Ward Head Coach

Savannah Country Day High School


Mike Palmieri Head Coach

Denmark High School


Heath Webb Head Coach

Gainesville High School


Joey King Head Coach

Carrollton High School


Jeff Phillips Head Coach

North Springs High School


Parker Martin Head Coach

Franklin County High School