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Comfortable and Hands-Free Comm Solutions

Enhance your fire company's communication capabilities with ProCom Headsets. Seamless integration to your existing radio system adds unparalleled comfort and hands-free operation to those that need it most. From traffic details to training exercises, ProCom is the premiere choice for your headset needs.

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Discrete In-Ear Mic

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X12 Belt Pack - Straight On.png

Helmet Compatible Headset

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All-In-One Headset

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X12 Belt Pack - Straight On.png

HS-45 Pro Headset

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All-In-One Headset

ProCom's all-in-one headset is an excellent hyper-mobile design with no set up other than turning it on. Great for anyone off-site that still needs reliable, comfortable comm access -- from Rapid Intervention Teams to pump operators to risk management assessors. Plus, our single-muff design allows for outside listening, making the headsets versatile enough for things like traffic duty.

Also available in double-muff for maximum noise cancellation.

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Hands-free communication to all First Responders plus a PTT feature to contact 911 using your existing two-way radio.

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Your existing radio mounted in fire or squad truck

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911 Dispatch Center

ProCom Headsets

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