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ProCom's X12 System for film production

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ProCom's X12 System is the perfect solution for your film and video production communication needs. With no base stations or wiring, set up and tear down is a snap, even on location. Your whole crew is accessible precisely when you need them with unlimited users and up to six talk channels. Eighteen hours of battery life gets you through even the longest days on set. Director Mode ensures everyone can hear the director no matter what channel they're on. And our headset designs cater to every need, featuring industry-leading noise cancellation technologies in every single one. From live events to the biggest sets, ProCom works, period.

ProCom X12A Dual Muff Headset


Single or Dual Muff

The X12A All-In-One is the perfect headset for small- to medium-sized crews looking for a fast, easy communication solution. Turn it on, put it on, and you're good to go. Digital noise cancellation, flip-to-mute boom mics and exceptionally long range make these headsets ideal for both closed sets and live events.

ProCom X12A Single Muff Headset

Belt Pack

Multiple Headset Options

For the team that needs versatility, functionality and portability, the X12 Belt Pack is the way to go. Large, raised buttons announce what you're pressing as you're pressing it, and the rugged IP67 rated shell can withstand even the toughest conditions. With multiple headset options, your crew is ready to go no matter what your shoot calls for. Take a look at our belt pack headset options below.

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Single or Dual Muff HS-45 Pro Headset

The HS-45 is a well-rounded solution for most on-set needs. Lightweight and comfortable, while also durable and high-quality.

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In-ear discrete headphone and mic

Discreet Headset.png

Featuring a secure under-ear grip, adapters for left or right ear use, and multiple sized in-ear buds, our discrete headset is fully customizable for maximum comfort.

Heavy Duty Headset Removable Hard Hat 1.png

Heavy-duty hard hat compatible headset

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Built-in -35dB noise cancellation and a hard-hat compatible design make this headset ideal for the biggest stunts and the toughest shooting conditions. 

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X12MR Mini Receiver

Individual Listen-Only Device

From calling talent to set to communicating discretely with individual crew members, the X12MR is a powerful listen-only device useful in many scenarios. Small enough to fit practically anywhere, a virtually unlimited number of these devices can be programmed in up to 6 different groupings making communication fast and easy.

LoudMouth Two-Way Comms

More Than A Speaker

The LoudMouth is a ProCom-exclusive innovative product that allows for clear, direct two-way communication between headset users and a loud speaker. Perfect for break rooms, calls to set, and so much more. Each LoudMouth gets its own dedicated channel, so add multiple to your kit for even more versatility.

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Completely Custom Configurations

Every ProCom X12 System is programmed specifically for you, exactly how you need it. We'll customize the name of each headset, each talk group, and provide custom audio cues for your channels if needed. Once a system is configured, our 256-bit AES encryption ensures no one else can listen in or broadcast on your channels, and our patented WILL self-healing technology makes sure that even if a headset goes down, the rest of the group won't disconnect.


ProCom Headsets

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