Since 1974 Westcom has been dedicated to providing the highest quality technology & communication products on the market. Located in Pittsburgh, PA, our parent company began by developing CoachTalk, the first completely wireless headset system in football. In the 2000’s we debuted our game film software APEX, which became the industry standard. Today our flagship product is our new ProCom X12 headset system, which sets the bar for wireless communications.


The one constant throughout the years has been our customer service. Our customers always come first, and our products are second to none.


Company Timeline

  • Founded in 1974, Westcom is an innovation company providing state-of-the-art communication products and services.

  • In 1975, Westcom's parent company at the time developed CoachTalk, the first all wireless headset system for football.​

  • In 1977, the wireless communication assets were sold to Porta-A-Phone Inc. who continued to provide wireless communication equipment to sports and other industries.​

  • In 1980, Westcom's parent company was the first to provide products for the competitive long distance toll companies, from remote managed subscriber units and competitive local exchange carrier switches "CLEC" to the telephone industry. 

  • In 2004, we developed the game film software APEX.

  • In 2014, Westcom began their design concept of the ProCom X series. Our vision was to make it the simplest to use, yet most powerful full featured headset system available.

  • In 2016, the newer version, ProCom's X12, was developed setting the highest standard for wireless communications.​


Meet The Team

Frank Girardi

Frank Girardi

Engineering - Sales

D1 National Collegiate Sales


Chris Fabry

Chris Fabry

Jake Skovira

Jake Skovira

Sales Specialist


Coach Nick Johnson

  nick Johnson


Sales Specialist


darin moore copy.png

darin moore

LA and MS

Sales Specialist


daryl green copy.jpg

Daryl Green


Sales Specialist


brian carlin copy.png

Brian Carlin


Sales Specialist


matt dazey_edited.png

Matt Dazey


Sales Specialist


derrick2 2.png

Derrick Smith


Sales Specialist


Domenick Girardi

1st Responder Department

John Gaw

John gaw

Central Florida

Sales Specialist

Bill Bauer

bill bauer

Sales and Engineering


Joe Deluca

Operations Manager

Bradyn Claycomb

bradyn claycomb

System Programming

Dave Golembiesky

David golembiesky

Radio Service Technician


sarah sayre

Marketing & Advertising

Michael Girardi

michael girardi

Patent and Trademarks

Legal Department

Barb Girardi

Barbara Girardi

Brandi Teichman

Brandi Teichman

Technician Supervisor

Melissa Phares

melissa phares

Accounting Supervisor

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