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Using ProCom headsets last year was a major upgrade for us.  We play games in a lot of large stadiums with concrete walls and many fans on wifi during the games.  We had none of the issues we have had in the past.  There were no breakdowns in our communications during any of the games and the clarity was better than ever before. 


Bob Sphire

Head Football Coach - Camden County High School - GA

ProCom Headsets

We are a 45 year old communication engineering company that truly sets the standards for providing state-of-the-art communication products and services. We have integrated our superior business strategies into developing a performance based football coaching headset system, the ProCom X Series.

Our X Series headsets, firmware and software are designed and developed by us. It has always been our goal to develop tomorrow’s technology today. We strive to be the leader and refuse to be just another "copycat" company. We simply offer the most flexible, durable, powerful and coach friendly headset systems on the market. In other words, we don't buy an off the shelf product from Amazon or Walmart and put our sticker on it and call it the latest and greatest.

Did you know ProCom was the first to offer?

  • No Base Station

  • 900Mhz Spread Spectrum 902~928 Inclusive

  • Flip-To-Mute Headsets

  • All-In-One Headsets and Traditional Belt Packs

  • Six Talk Channels

  • IP67 Weather Rating

  • ISO and ACED Certified

  • 500mW of Output Power

  • Custom Multi-Function Display

  • The only company that uses the proven ClearCall 8603 Chip Set

  • Coach to Coach and Coach to Player

  • Mini Helmet Receiver

  • 18 Hours of battery life

  • Developed in Pittsburgh, PA

  • Over 45 Years of Communication Development

  • And most importantly, a system that works the first time and every time.

Our headsets offer the convenience of no base station, the maximum output power allowed by the FCC, a 900MHz frequency to bypass cellular and WiFi interference and the ability to have coach to player communication with our miniature helmet receiver. We are the only company that invested in the design to integrated the ClearCall™ chipset that provides the most reliability, security, clarity and features needed by coaches that demand the best. 

Our belt packs and helmet receivers are used by every team and every player of the XFL.

All of our components, the X12, XLE, All-In-Ones and Helmet Receivers are IP67 water resistant and ACED Certified for Military Operation.

ProCom was the chosen headset system used at Ford Field during the Michigan High School State Finals.


We also offer a wide variety of other headset systems to meet the unique needs of each team. Call us for details so we can help elevate your game next season. 

Choose a system that fits you best!

Coaching Headset Systems

Our X12 Series belt packs and our All-In-One wireless headsets offer a maximum of 500mW output power, which is the most power allowed by the FCC! ProCom is the only company to offer a mix of All-In-Ones and Belt Packs in one coaching system!


Along with being able to mix these two options, we also offer 3 different X Systems. These systems can be used with both of our headsets and each one has a unique set of features sure to meet every coaches needs. Our superior coaching headset systems are second to none!


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